On October 10, IU posted a picture on her twitter and commented, “Don’t I look like I’m 22 years old? This feels good, a new beginning! I feel like I could do anything!” One could easily sense IU’s pride and satisfaction in the comment for looking a little bit more mature and therefore, feeling much more confidence in herself. 

The revealed picture shows IU wearing a pastel blue-colored, patterned blouse with her long, slightly wavy hair flowing down to her chest. She is looking straight into the camera, allowing the audience to have a good look of her distinctive facial features, including her starry eyes.  

Netizens and Twitterians couldn’t help but to comment on IU’s picture. Some of them wrote back on twitter, “You are so pretty, you look like a goddess,” “I’m about 12 years older than you, but with that mature picture of yours, we look like we could be the same age,” and “Anyhow, what is up with this mention? Aging two years all of sudden and starting a new beginning? What is going on?”