2PM‘s Wooyoung and IU are drawing attention for their unrevealed kiss scene. A couple of pictures were recently posted on an online community board with the title, “Wooyoung IU Unrevealed Kiss Scene NG Cut.” The revealed pictures show the “Milky Couple” from KBS “Dream High” during their kiss scene.

On the show, their love first sprouted through IU’s crush toward Wooyoung. Later they shared a lovely dovey love connection. The picture displays their love and care for one another as they look into each other’s eyes.

IU also caused laughter for her awkward and shyness while hugging Wooyoung’s neck.

Netizens and fans who saw the unrevealed kiss scene cuts, commented, “Both of them are very cute,” “They look well together. Milky couple all the way,” “So sweet,” “It even makes me flutter. IU is so cute,” and “It makes my heart pit-a-pat.”