IU has announced that she has two exciting collaborations lined up!

On November 30, she posted on her personal Instagram account, “I will be participating as a vocalist and lyricist for a senior and junior I respect very much.”

First IU will be working with Sam Kim, writing the lyrics for his winter special duet track “When You Fall (Featuring Chai)” that will be released on December 3. “When You Fall” will be a song that talks about memories that never change and will be like a winter greeting to a person who appeared to have been forgotten with the passing of time.

Sam Kim participated in composing, arranging, and writing lyrics for the song, and he teamed up with IU to write the lyrics from the perspective of a man and a woman looking back on beautiful memories. The two have stayed in contact since Sam Kim composed IU’s “Ending Scene,” and now IU will be returning the favor with “When You Fall.”

IU will also be working with Kim Dong Ryul on a new duet called “Fairytale (literal translation).” Kim Dong Ryul is said to have asked IU to join him in the new song, to which she happily agreed. Anticipation is already high for their duo as they are both much-loved artists. Their song will be released on December 7.

Are you excited for IU’s upcoming projects with Kim Dong Ryul and Sam Kim?

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