After watching Loen Entertainment’s recently released “Loen TV,” IU complained to her agency through twitter. She posted, “Dear Loen. Why is Loen TV so short? There has been a lot of changes in the past two years, but Loen TV’s picture quality is still the same. Didn’t I say we need to change our camcorder to a better one~”

Loen’s official twitter responded to IU’s post, “Hul…(Oh…) Dear IU, we promise longer video and better quality~ If you set it as 720p…the quality is a little…better…Loen TV will make a greater effort!!”

In the Loen TV video, IU is seen constantly trying hard to make sure she’s in the video while she’s in Japan. At times, she would also adjust the camera’s location and put down her bangs to make her head look smaller. These cute actions of IU drew many fans’ attention.

However, the picture quality and the content of the video are not as good as 2NE1 TV and BIGBANG TV, and that’s why IU was not too satisfied with the video. She’s trying hard to make sure the video is in good quality, as her fans are the ones watching.

People who read her tweets commented, “Wow IU. She herself complained to her agency,” “Loen TV was good…,” “She is meticulous to care about picture quality too,” “She’s very proactive,” and more.