IU addressed recent rumors of her receiving preferential treatment from “S” university for a special admission. On July 26th, she was asked by a fan, “Recently, I’ve heard many rumors of you heading to college. Is that true? I can’t sleep thinking about it.” IU responded, “Rumors? I said it through interviews that I’ll go to college when I feel like I’m ready and when my circumstances allow me to! Right now would be a bit difficult, so you should go to sleep now.”

IU’s management agency, Loen Entertainment, also said through Twitter, “So many people have asked, but rumors of Ji Eun (IU’s real name) going to college are not true.”

Rumors of IU receiving special admissions to college have been swirling around local online communities lately, after a netizen said, “I heard this from my high school friend. IU is trying to get in to ‘S’ university’s Korean major under the excuse of learning how to write lyrics. She came with her mom for counseling,” raising the possibility of IU getting special admission to Seoul University, the country’s most prestigious college.

The rumors gained traction after it was found that IU also mentioned last March that she would not be able to go to college now due to her musical activities, but she would like to go when she’s able to do so.