In light of IU‘s comeback, past interaction with her father resurfaced for how funny yet sad it is.

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Back in 2015, IU appeared as the DJ of IU’s Petite Radio where her father made a surprise appearance.

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At the time, IU made a call to her father and played a speed quiz.

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But when IU asked her father about her birthday, he paused for a while before confidently shouting the wrong answer.

Pass! Wait, May 16, 1983!

— IU’s Father

That’s when IU died of laughter. Because her birthday is on May 16, 1993.

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She couldn’t get over her father’s mistake because of the small age gap there would’ve been if he was right.

If I was born in 1983, we wouldn’t have much of an age difference. I would’ve been able to call you ‘oppa.’

— IU

Just to confirm, IU called her father 2 years later and asked him the same question, to which he responded with more confidence than before.

May 16, 1993!

— IU’s Father

And IU was “impressed.”

You know it well now.

— IU

In contrast to the first time, IU’s father got her birthday right and proceeded to answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly!

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For more of IU and her father’s hilarious interaction, check out the clip below: