Singer IU, who appeared as a member of season one of JTBC’s Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, became good friends with one of the guests who appeared on the show.

Jung Dami, Lee Hyori, IU | Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast/JTBC

The guest, who now also runs a YouTube channel, recently shared her experience meeting IU and revealed what a sweet and genuine person she was.

The guest, Jung Dami, posted a Q&A video and answered the question of what changed after being on the show and if she still contacted any of the other members of the show.

| 정담이/YouTube

I first met Jieun(IU) on the show and found out that we were the same age. On the show, we spoke comfortably to one another and didn’t use honorific speech. But after finishing the show and returning to my daily life, I looked at her Instagram account and saw that she had over 18 million followers. That’s when it hit me that she was a top celebrity and I was just a normal person.

⁠— Jung Dam

She revealed that she didn’t think to contact her because she wasn’t even sure how to.

Not long after finishing the show, she shared that she received a message from IU.

Honestly, I was really surprised and thought that it was really sweet of her to think of me. I was thankful that she reached out to me first.

⁠— Jung Dam

Previously on the show, there was a candle that she wanted to buy but forgot to because they were busy having fun and eating. IU, who was visiting Jeju, sent her a photo of the candle that she wanted to buy and let her know that she thought of her as soon as she saw it.

| 정담이/YouTube

Dam! How are you? I’m visiting Jeju now and I thought of you after seeing this candle that you ended up forgetting to buy last time! It’s really hot these days so take care of yourself and enjoy your summer!

⁠— IU

On the show, Dam also revealed that she was preparing to open a clothing store. After the show, she ended up opening a blog market with her friend. One day, she received an order of around 300,000~ 400,000 KRW ($~272.19~$362.98 USD) and was shocked yet thankful that someone put in such a big order.

Later, she received another message from IU, showing that it was her that bought all those items from her shop! She remembers being so thankful and touched by IU.

| 정담이/YouTube

Hehe the clothes are pretty Dam! Wishing you success!

⁠— IU

Netizens who saw this were touched by IU’s sweet and kind personality.

  • “How can anyone dislike IU!”
  • “IU is such an angel!”
  • “IU is such a good person and so are you Dam!”
  • “Both of them are so kind.”

Watch the full Q&A video below!