IU became the latest celebrity to join in on the April Fools’ Day pranks on April 1, as she jokingly revealed that she started dating someone recently.

During the April 1 episode of SBS “Inkigayo,” IU opened up by saying, “I have a serious announcement to make.” She then went on to say, “I wanted to tell my ‘Inkigayo’ fans first when I get a boyfriend. I can’t reveal the name at this point but…”

At that moment, Kara’s Goo Hara interrupted and asked if it was Big Bang’s Taeyang. However, IU immediately denied it and said, “No way, I’m just his fan.”

She then focused on the camera and said she wanted to give a video message to this secret boyfriend. She started off by saying, “Honey…umm…I’m just kidding!”

The two other MCs, Goo Hara and Nicole, seemingly frustrated by IU’s absurd joke, started to get mad at her. But IU further confused her fans by stating, “Well, no one was making an April Fools’ Day joke today. Did I do something wrong? But you know what? Do you think this is indeed just a joke?”

Netizens commented, “I think she is dating Taeyang,” “I thought she was for real,” and “I know she’s lying because she’s dating me.”

***Watch the video message by clicking on the blue tab on the top right corner of the screenshot***