IU recently surprised commuters by performing on a bus as part of a Hyundai campain.

On the 27th of July, fans were shocked to find out that IU was indeed performing on a bus with a film crew with her, and several pictures were also uploaded onto various noticeboards and social networking sites.

It was later explained that IU was one of several artists to participate in Hyundai Motor Company’s “Bus Concert” campaign. The full setlist of her performance is still unknown, but a fancam of her singing “Someday” has surfaced.



Hyundai’s “Bus Concert” features five singers making surprise, guerilla-style, appearances on various buses around Korea, in order to promote Hyundai Motors. Prior to the actual guerilla concert, the singers’ identities will not be announced – “I’m A Singer“‘s Kim Bum Soo, and now IU, have already participated. The campaign will run until October.

Source: squishyblob @ weheartiu, donga via nate