Singer IU is drawing attention for communicating with her fans via her official fan café; she kindly replied to her fans’ questions and comments. On April 10, IU uploaded a selca picture on her official fan café with the caption: “A fresh out of the oven selca picture.”

In the uploaded selca picture, the singer is showing off a pure, clear skin despite having no makeup on. After sharing her selca picture, IU began answering fans’ questions by commenting on their posts.

Fans mostly asked about her concert coming up in June: “Will you do your three level high notes at your concert?”, “Will you shout out ‘Everyone stand up! Jump’ at your concert too?”, and “How much contributions did you make in planning for your concert?”

IU continued being her whole-hearted self and replied to numerous posts. In the past, she’s also answered questions about her height and weight on her official fan café.

Meanwhile, the singer is currently in Italy for a music video filming.