The nation’s little sister IU just joined the Twitterverse.

Her twitter account was revealed through her agency Loen Entertainment‘s twitter account. On March 26 Loen Entertainment tweeted, “IU has finally joined twitter! Please start following her.”

On the same day, IU who seemed rather excited to use the SNS tweeted in an adorable way, “I just started using twitter. Start!” and “Hi, it’s IU. Nice to meet you~”

A few hours later she playfully tweeted to miss A’ Suzy,” I won’t accept your follow request Bae Suzy.” Then Suzy replied, “I will unfollow you.”

IU then replied, “Sorry..”

Amusing anecdote, IU was oblivious to the way Twitter worked and asked people to explain it to her. She also asked how following and unfollowing worked.

IU used her real name Lee Ji Eun on her profile and also chose this somewhat familiar but airbrushed picture as her profile picture.

She seems to enjoy using twitter doesn’t she? Have a twitter and want to follow IU? Go here.