Unedited photos of IU at a CF shoot have been released. On the afternoon of October 26, non-photoshopped pictures of IU have been updated on the Facebook page of the internet shopping mall where IU works as the CF model.

In the pictures is charmingly adorable IU in many different outfits. In one picture, she poses in front of a standing microphone with a smile. On another photo, she is throwing a punch with a pair of boxing gloves on.

The pictures taken between the shoots show IU with her eyes wide open for her makeup, pouting with a giant teddy bear in her arms, and studying the monitor to check her photos.

Netizens who saw these pictures praised, “What a cutie,” “When can we see this commercial?” “IU looks cuter every time I see her,” “She is a national treasure. I’m a girl, and even I want to kiss her.”