Images of IU in Thailand have surfaced online. The images were uploaded onto an online blog and reveal the singer’s latest trip to Thailand where she performed at MBC’s “2012 Korea Music Wave in Bangkok” event.

The pictures show IU in a bus, sitting near the window, which has fogged up due to the rain and condensation. Her face is beaming and she is waving to her fans. Fans remarked that she looked beautiful in the uploaded images and looked like she was posing for a real magazine shoot.

Those that saw the images commented, “IU is at a photo shoot”, “Waving at her fans in Thailand, IU really looks like an angel – an angel!”, “IU’s expression with her eyes wide open looks so cute,” and, “IU is the best!”

On June 2, IU will be performing her first solo concert, “Real Fantasy,” since debuting four years ago.

IU in Thailand