Food manufacturer “Nong Shim” has announced on March 7 that they have picked IU to be the model for their new interactive ad designed to promote their line of “Horuruk Kalguksu (Sound of slurping + chopped noodles)” instant noodles.

The distinct feature of the ad, once it is revealed on March 19 on the Nong Shim homepage and through Social Networks, is that the situation within the interactive ad movie will change according to what kind of choices the consumers make. Thus the consumers will be able to go through a wide variety of stories, which change according to their own choices, accompanied by the main lead of the movie, IU.

A Nong Shim representative stated, “IU’s distinctive fresh and clean image not only matches the image of our ‘Horuruk Kalguksu’ but she is also able to greatly appeal to the younger generation and also the uncle fans in the 30~40 age bracket, which is why she has been picked as our model.”