It was recently revealed that IU had prepared the sweetest gift for her staff.

Seo Yoon, the director of IU’s styling team, posted on Instagram a photo of the photobook that IU had had made for the staff of her tour “dlwlrma.” The director wrote, “I’ve worked with many people in my life but is there any other artist who captures her staff in photographs and in her heart like this? No, no.”

The photobook contains not only photos from her staff on tour but also memos that IU personally wrote for them.

IU is known for her affection for her staff members, which she refers to as “Team IU,” and made pay raises and job security for her staff part of her contract conditions with her agency.

On a TV show, IU said, “I thought ever since I was younger that I had a lot of luck in the people that surrounded me. They’re not people who think of me differently after I became successful. There was a time when my staff might have had to leave my agency due to lack of work, but I requested that they stay with me and promised them an income guarantee.”

“The reason I was able to work hard and stay healthy until now was because of their love,” she said. “My staff are principled and respectful. That honesty keeps me in line as well. Without them, it would be much harder for me on a human level.”

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