IU revealed her weight on her official fansite, surprising netizens with her honesty on a sensitive topic among females. On April 4, members of IU’s fansite uploaded screenshots of IU’s to other online communities. Titled “IU Reveals Her Weight,” the screen capture showed IU responding to a fan’s question about her weight.

A fan wrote, “This is how much I weigh now!!!^^” and IU replied, “44kg! (approximately 97lbs).”

Netizens commented, “Wow, she’s so honest,” “44kg? She weighs more than I thought. Lee Jung Hyun, who’s about the same size, only weighs 39kg,” “I love how she communicates so openly with her fans,” “First her height, now her weight!” and more.

Meanwhile, IU is busy promoting in Japan. She released her Japanese debut single, “Good Day” on March 21.