IU shared a vlog titled “IU 10th Anniv. Tour Concert ‘dlwlrma’ – Singapore” which included footage of her visiting Singapore for her 10th anniversary tour concert. Unsurprisingly, IU showed off various charms no matter where she was or what she was doing in the footage that was shared in the vlog.

But what really drew the attention of many fans was the part where IU allowed fans to get a very close look at her no-makeup face.

On the first night of her visit to Singapore, IU turned on the camera and spoke to her fans at the hotel.

As she filmed herself washing her face, she explained, “At my concert, I promised my fans that I’d share more of my daily life with them.

IU proceeded to cleanse her face with foam and then revealed her face closeup to the camera as she checked the condition of her skin.

What was shocking was that despite being very close to the camera with no makeup on, IU’s beauty was unrealistically flawless and beautiful.

Check out IU’s grand reveal of her no-makeup face in the footage below starting at 3:30: