Lovely singer IU is in the midst of a Kal Guk Soo mania! “What’s ‘Kal Guk Soo’?” you ask? Kal Gook Soo is a soup that can be made with red meat or chicken and thick noodles. The noodles for the soup are flour based and cut with a knife. In this case, IU was filming an interactive movie spot for NongShim‘s “Hoo Roo Rook* Kal Gook Soo” instant noodles. The filming took place in Dongdaemun and Hong-ik University on February 23.

On the day of the filming, IU was wearing a bright pink cardigan and looked full of energy and ready for the spring. The fans who gathered to watch called her a “Pink Cutie.” While most stars just pretend to eat the food for commercial spots, IU actually slurped down five bowls of Kal Gook Soo, showing just how much she actually loves the soup.

A staff member commented, “Even after the camera stopped rolling, she continued to sit and eat the noodles. She even did a bit of ad-lib, too. Because of her cute nature, the staff was able to work until late without feeling tired.” You will be able to check out the interactive movie on NongShim’s homepage from March 19.

*Hoo Roo Rook is the sound of slurping noodles.