Yoon Jong Shin‘s Mystic Entertainment is planning to create an original series. Mystic Entertainment revealed on September 12 that they will create an original series with IU as the lead, with four directors from Korea. The four directors will each create a short film with different themes and concepts. The films will be released as a series.

This will be IU’s first time acting in a movie. Her delicate acting was acknowledged in dramas like “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” and “My Ahjussi.” Fans have great expectations for what IU will show in this movie, especially with Bae Doona being in talks to appear in the films too. Sources from the agency stated, “It’s about tennis, but the actresses aren’t going to play the role of a tennis player.”

Mystic Entertainment stated that this original series is a new challenge in the short film industry. “It will be fun to see how four different directors portray one character.”

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