After 2 years and 4 months of constantly changing clothing and cute artist introduction, IU will now be finally stepping down from her position as Inkigayo MC. 

During the July 28th airing of Inkigayo IU revealed that she will be stepping down from her MC postion telling viewers that “Today is my last day as an MC. I remember when i had my first MC introduction with (Beast’s) Lee Ki Kwang.” Since that time the MC role in Inkigayo may have changed several times but IU had continued to maintain her position till now.


MC partner Hwang Kwang Hee asks her if there is any mistakes she made on air that she still remembers to which IU replies, “I once called Inkigayo, MC Gayo.” She was also asked which of her former MC partners she worked best with, with her response being “Out of all the colleagues that i have being MC with, Kara members Nicole and Hara were the ones I worked the best with.”

As a final parting gift, MC partner Lee Hyun Woo gave IU a photo book containing photos of her Inkigayo appearances over the last 107 weeks. I’m sure fans of IU and the show will miss see her every week and we hope her all the best in her future endeavours.

As a final farewell, here is a video from her first MC appearance on Inkigayo all those years ago.