IU and W Korea Magazine released two covers of their upcoming April edition, and she’s made headlines once again for her stunning beauty and unique covers!

The first cover featured IU standing in front of a wall with plant graphics as she wore earthy toned outfits with a chic expression.

iu 2020 magazine 3

The second cover featured her with the same business-style suit that had unique patterns that matched a cut out of the ocean.

iu 2020 magazine 4

In both photos, IU looked absolutely stunning as she epitomized what a successful boss lady looks like!

iu 2020 magazine 1

iu 2020 magazine 2

Fans and netizens praised her for her beauty and what also appeared to be covers advocating to the protection of natural wildlife on land and out at sea.

“IU’s so prettyㅜㅜ”

“I think they said her outfits are from Gucci ㅇㅅㅇ It fits her so well..”

“Is it for environmental conservation?”

“The second photo looks like a mermaid who runs a successful business”

— Netizens

Just another day in the life of the stunning and successful IU!

iu new magazine 2020