IU (Lee Ji Eun) enjoyed a date with SHINee’s Minho (Min Hyuk).

IU played a role of a terminally ill patient who wants to be a singer on SBS TV “Salamander Guru and the Gang” this past Friday. In the episode, IU stole Won Sam (Lim Won Hee)’s wallet and was spotted by others when she was entering the hospital.

It turned out to be that IU was terminally ill, and she was hospitalized. IU made a bucket list of things to do before she dies and crossed off each item one by one as she completed each one.

One of the items on her bucket list was “Go on a Namsan date with a boyfriend.” And Won Sam who pitied IU asked Min Hyuk to go on a date with IU just once.

In the end, Min Hyuk enjoyed the date with IU. On the steps of Namsan, they played the rock-paper-scissors to go up the stairs and locked a lock at the balcony of Namsan. IU was able to complete another item on the bucket list, which was “Sing a song to Dad,” with the help of Sun Dal (Oh Dal Soo).