On March 3, IU performed for Japan’s foremost fashion show, “The 14th Annual Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 Spring/Summer” held at the Yokohama Arena. IU performed the Japanese version of her hit single “Good Day.”

The theme of this event was titled “Sherbet Garden.” Many top actors, ranging from age 7 to 64, participated in this event in addition to 100 top models. Around 27,000 audiences gathered for this event.

IU has been suffering from a cold and her condition has worsened to the point of almost canceling her appearance. However, IU still made it to the event and performed live. IU was praised for her perfect live performance despite her sick condition.

Many Japanese netizens have commented, “IU’s powerful and stable high notes as well as her voice were great. She is an artist to look out for,” and “She is dangerously cute and an amazing live performer.”

IU will be releasing her Japanese debut single, “Good Day” on March 21 and starting her official activities in Japan. 

You can check out her performance at the show below: