Ivy complimented singer/musical actress Ock Ju Hyun after watching her performance. On April 13, Ivy uploaded a photo of Ock Ju Hyun, who’s in the musical, “Elisabeth,” on her twitter. Along with the picture, she wrote, ” Wow, Ju Hyun unni, you are the best…I became a chicken. Please fry me.” She must have had goosebumps throughout the show, which explains why she became a chicken.

“Elisabeth” is a musical that tells the life story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria as a fantasy about death and love. Besides Ock Ju Hyun, some other actors in the musical are Ryu Jung Han and Song Chang Eui. In the musical, Ock Ju Hyun plays the lovely Elisabeth, who likes to behave as she pleases.

Ivy recently signed a contract with a new agency, Polaris Entertainment, which Kim Bum Soo is a part of. She is currently preparing for her comeback.

Picture from Ivy’s twitter