As we reported earlier, Ivy won her legal battle against her former agency “STOM E&F” on September 21, 2011. Ivy had filed the lawsuit in order to terminate her contract and also claimed that the agency had failed to pay her the amount due in profits for her third album. The court ruled in her favor and the contract was cancelled.

Afterwards Ivy hinted at a possible comeback in 2012 but nothing solid has been established.

Recently Ivy wrote on her blog, “I have good news. Everything involving the lawsuit that was shown in the news has no finished. I can now freely pursue activities. I wanted to sing so much and missed the stage. I now have a more thankful heart for all these things that have helped me learn so much. The thing I am most thankful for are the fans that wait for my songs and still cheer me on.”

Ivy ended with, “I will show you a hard working side of me in return for that interest and love.”

For those of you that do not know Ivy, the following song “A-Ha” launched her career.