Ivy, who is currently facing her comeback with the musical “Chicago,” is receiving attention for some recent photos. On March 29, she posted a collection of photos on her personal blog. In the photos, she shows off her everyday life, drawing the attention of netizens. 

Fans were drawn to the singer’s natural poses, such as her playful winking and bright facial expressions. They also noticed her long hair and flawless skin, proving her unchanging beauty. 

Netizens who saw these photos left excited comments such as, “Ivy looks prettier now that she’s facing her comeback,” “I want to hurry up and see her. She’s really pretty,” “Wow, her beauty really is unchanging,” and “I’m really looking forward to her musical “Chicago.” Will we finally get to hear her sing again?”

The musical “Chicago,” includes Ivy as well as musical singers Yoon Gong Ju, Kim Kyung Sun, and Insooni. Fans can see the musical starting this June.