A provocative picture of Ivy was revealed online on April 23. This photo is from Ivy’s pictorial with magazine Esquire. In the revealed photo, Ivy is showcasing her captivating beauty in a shiny violet tube-top dress. She is also flaunting her shapely body and beautiful legs as she is looking into the camera rather seductively. 

A staff from this photoshoot commented, “Although Ivy has not been in a photoshoot like this one for a while, she wasn’t timid or shy at all. Rather, she was confident and sexy. I was highly impressed by her professionalism. In addition, she is so in shape from working out. All the staffs at the set could not take their eyes off of her.” 

More photos of Ivy will be revealed in the May issue of Esquire. Currently, Ivy is doing some last-minute prep for her big comeback. Her upcoming mini album “Interview” will be released online and offline on May 27. 

Please check out the teaser of Ivy’s upcoming title song “Broken Heart” from mini album “Interview” below!