On the most recent episode of Mnet’s TMI, Jun Hyun Moo introduced idols who overcame various diseases, and one of the idols that took first place was IZ*ONE‘s Choi Yena.


Choi Yena shared, “I had lymphoma as a kid, and my health condition was so bad that the hospital told us to just give up. And our family’s financial situation wasn’t good either, so my parents sold Kimbap every single morning.


But the good news is that thanks to her parents’ efforts, Choi Yena underwent a full recovery.


In order to express her gratitude to her parents, Choi Yena made Kimbap and served it to her parents.


Once her dad took a bite, he told her, “Out of all the Kimbap I’ve had in my life, this one touches my heart the most” and warmed the hearts of all those who were watching.


Check out the full clip below: