During her Japanese radio show Tonight Under the Tree of Miyawaki, IZ*ONE‘s Sakura revealed the IZ*ONE member that she wants as a boyfriend.

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In response to a fan’s question “Which members would you want as your boyfriend and girlfriend?” Sakura’s kneejerk reaction was “So hard to choose!”

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Many WIZ*ONEs should know that Sakura has previously answered this question on the reality show IZ*ONE CHU. Sakura’s previous choice for boyfriend material was none other than the lovable ditz, Yena!

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It appears that her mind hasn’t changed since then. She once again picked Yena has her top choice for boyfriend. Her reason was that “I think every day would be full of fun if I were together with Yena. Yena manages to make even the most trivial things funny, and I’m always all smiles.”

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Just looking at Yena brings me joy and laughter. So I feel that Yena would be a good choice for my boyfriend.

— Sakura

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After that, she picked Minju as her ideal girlfriend material…but not before adding that “there are some caveats though.” 

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It turns out that although she mentioned Minju’s name first, Sakura actually wants Chaewon as her girlfriend.

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Apparently, what she wants with Minju, is the thrill of dating before two people officially become an item. The “more than a friend but not quite yet an SO” feeling, is what Sakura is looking for. With Chaewon, she wants a stable relationship.


And that’s not all! In addition to those two, Sakura has yet another member in sight. As a wife, she picked…Chaeyeon!

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After all that, Sakura also added two more members to her IZ*ONE family tree. First, she picked Eunbi as her “admirable older cousin.

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Then, she mentioned Hyewon, who she also wants as a cousin. The two are the same age and both love gaming, and Sakura listed those as the reasons behind her pick.

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It seems like Sakura’s been closely paying attention to various members of her group. Out of all the pairings, which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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