Former EXO member Kris has officially been signed on to a new entertainment agency – by none other than Jackie Chan!

According to a report on June 16 by Chinese media outlet Sina, Jackie Chan reportedly revealed the news that he’d signed Kris on to his entertainment agency at an action movie event at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Jackie Chan also revealed his plans to “sign on more next-generation actors in the future,” as well.

Jackie Chan was also asked about Kris’s recent sex scandal, to which he replied, “Everyone has negative news about them. Even I have negative news about me. That kind of news always blows over.” The asker clarified, “You don’t resent him?” Jackie Chan responded, “No, I don’t. He’s very quiet and modest.”

Meanwhile, Kris and fellow former member Luhan recently attended an additional arbitration meeting regarding their current lawsuits against SM Entertainment.

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