GOT7‘s Jackson Wang went undercover online to answer fans’ questions in an episode of GQ‘s Actually Me series. Of course, we all know Jackson is a multilingual king, but there were still some things we’ve been curious about.

A fan asked if he has any brain errors when attempting to speak a different language. While he has the ability to speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, English, and even some French, Jackson revealed that he is not exactly fluent in all.

This is a thing. I speak a lot of different languages. But I’m not pro in any of them. It’s enough for me to live in that region. But if you tell me to write an essay, I’m sorry.

— Jackson Wang

Since he’s multilingual, another fan was curious what language his upcoming album would be and his response was actually rather shocking. We’re getting way more music than we could have imagined!

I’ll be releasing one English album this year and a Chinese album, hopefully. Yeah, it’s over 40 songs this year.

— Jackson Wang

Jackson switches back and forth languages all the time so one fan wondered what language is his phone set for. He explained that he, ultimately, uses a little bit of everything.

It’s English. But different applications, I use different languages. Some in Korean, some in Chinese, yeah.

— Jackson Wang

It doesn’t matter the language, we could listen to Jackson all day. Check out his full interview with GQ below: