JYJ’s Jaejoong has gotten a new hairdo called, “Dandy Wolf Cut,” for his Cha Moo Won role in SBS drama “Protect the Boss.” In a photo revealed today, Jaejoong is seen sporting a slightly different look from previous episodes, making many wonder what motivated his change in style.

According to the production crew, Jaejoong got the new hairstyle because Cha Moo Won, Jaejoong’s role in “Protect the Boss,” has recently been rejected by Na Yoon (Wang Ji Hye’s role) and tension between him and Ji Hun is starting to intensify. Jaejoong wanted to reflect the renewed focus and commitment in his role through this new hairstyle.

“After getting a new hairstyle, the way I treat my role has changed a bit. I’m starting to feel like I should work harder to better-portray the sharp image of Moo Won in the drama,” Jaejoong said.

You can check out Jaejoong’s new hairstyle on the next episode of “Protect the Boss” on August 24th at 9:55PM KST. How do you like his new style? Does he look like a “dandy wolf”?