On July 27 at 4PM, Kim Jaejoong participated in SBS Power FM “Kim Chang Ryo’s Old School” radio broadcast.

This is the first radio broadcast for Jaejoong since JYJ’s contract lawsuit against his previous agency SM Entertainment started. He appeared as a surprise guest for more than 10 minutes and shared information about the upcoming SBS drama “Protect the Boss”. In this drama, which will air its first episode on August 3rd, Jaejoong interprets Cha Mu Won, a Business Prince who wants to take over his evil cousin’s company, Cha Jihun, role played by Ji Sung.

Jaejoong expressed, “It has been a long time and although i have short time to talk, I wanted to greet everyone listening to this radio broadcast and please support “Protect the Boss”. He also got interviewed about JYJ’s upcoming activities: “Right now, we are preparing for an album but the release date has not been confirmed yet. However, we will make our best and come with great music.”

Also, he got to answer questions about composing, his preparations for acting in the drama and his role as a director for the past JYJ’s world tour.

While Jaejoong was still present on the broadcast, netizens started sending massive real-time messages on the boards of the radio station, showing how surprised and happy they were about him finally making a radio apparition after all the lawsuit madness.

After Jaejoong appeared on the broadcast, the radio station aired the OST “Chajatta” that JYJ sang for SungKyunKwan Scandal drama, causing a lot of attention from the netizens.

Source: baidutvxq