JYJ’s Jaejoong has recently received a belated treatment for a bacterial infection. Last June, Jaejoong was part of the “Asian Dream Cup,” a charity soccer match in held Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. While there, his right arm was bitten by a harmful insect. Without much thought, Jaejoong did not have it checked which led to the growth of the infection.

A representative from his agency said “He was bitten while waiting for his Vietnam performance. He was sweating a lot at the time, so he kept scratching the bite, which had gotten very itchy, causing the wound to deepen.”

Jaejoong went to the hospital to have his infection checked when he flew back to Korea. By then, the wound was already severe that it had spread through his right arm. The representative added, “When one has an infection, one is supposed to stay away from alcohol, but Kim Jaejoong attended a dinner party after the performance. We believe his condition worsened because he didn’t know the severity of the infection.”

Although Jaejoong has received treatment for the infection, it has left a scar on his arm. His representative said, “He has big scars in two different parts of his arm. We believe the infection has not been completely eradicated just yet. He has to receive treatment for it again later.”

Jaejoong is presently working on the SBS drama “Protect the Boss” where he is one of the lead characters. 

Source: Hankooki, dongbangdata.net