According to the Hallyu magazine “It’s Koreal,” Lee Byung Hun‘s most recent film, “Masquerade,” and JYJ Jaejoong‘s “Jackal is Coming” top the list of  the highest grossing Korean movies that premiered in Japan in the first half of 2013. “Masquerade” was first with “Jackal is Coming ” at second.

In “Masquerade,” actor Lee Byung Hun played the dual role of Prince Gwanghae and  his double, the peasant Ha Sun. The movie was a hit in South Korea when it was released in 2012, recording over 12 million tickets sold.

“Jackal is Coming” was Jaejoong’s first leading movie, starring alongside actress Song Ji Hyo. He played a top Hallyu star, who becomes the target of assassination by Song Ji Hyo. 

Filling out the list of the top ten is Kim Soo Hyun‘s “Thieves,” Joo Ji Hoon‘s “I Am King,” Lee Hong Ki‘s “Passionate Goodbye,” So Ji Sub‘s “Salaryman,” Song Joong Ki‘s “A Werewolf Boy,” Hyun Bin‘s “Come Rain, Come Shine,” Park Shi Hoo‘s “Confession of Murder,” and Rain‘s “R2B: Return to Base.”