JYJ‘s Jaejoong continues to prove his popularity and star power!

Jaejoong recently appeared on the Japanese entertainment program “Han Love” last week. His appearance was short, about two minutes, as he was there to lend his support to actor Park Yoo Hwan, fellow JYJ member Yoochun’s brother, who will be holding a fanmeeting in Japan. 

On July 19, his agency, C-JeS Entertainment, stated, “He appeared for only about two minutes, but the outfit he wore that day became sold out on a Japanese online site and the ‘Han Love’ clip gathered great buzz on different online sites, proving Kim Jaejoong’s popularity once again.”

An insider in the Japanese television industry stated, “We were surprised by the hot reaction to the short friendship appearance. It seems his appearance was a welcomed sight after 2010 when his television promotions became limited.”

Jaejoong recently completed his Asia fanmeet-concert tour and is expected to greet his fans with his next project in the near future.