NCT‘s Jaemin returns to Instagram by posting after not posting for 93 days. Today, he uploaded a picture of himself wearing a tie-dye CELINE T-shirt with a short caption of just a purple heart emoji. His post caused the clothing brand to trend on Twitter too.

His fellow member Mark Lee posted on his Instagram account just a few hours after Jaemin. Interestingly, he used a similar caption of a single heart, except a different color choice.

Fans also noticed that multiple NCT Dream members appeared to be busy. Jaemin was in the recording studio, Mark was in a practice room, and Haechan was seen at the SM Entertainment building.

Recently, Mark held a live broadcast and a fan teasingly commented, “The article for dream comeback has been released.” Mark did not argue nor say that they were not preparing a comeback. He just looked surprised and said, “Really?”

Could NCTzens be onto something? While WayV just released a new album, we may have another NCT comeback to look forward to.