Jang Dong Gun, back for a television drama? Please make this happen!

The latest talk is that A-lister Jang (“Warrior’s Way,” “Good Morning President“) is considering teaming with star writer Kim Eun Sook in her next drama, the title of which she recently revealed to be “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” This would be pretty perfect casting, given that when you say “dignified gentleman,” I pretty much think Jang Dong Gun. He’s something like Korea’s George Clooney — once a hot property on television, now focusing exclusively on film — and has the same aura of dapper charm.

Kim Eun Sook most recently wrote last year’s fantasy-melodrama sensation “Secret Garden” (as well as a string of other hits like “Lovers in Paris,” On Air,” “City Hall“), which had a pretty blockbuster lineup with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, but this match-up might even outshine that. There were recent reports that her next project would be an idol drama, but writer Kim has come out to declare those claims false, which is a good thing because Jang Dong Gun, while extremely pretty, is about two decades removed from idol contention.

The deets:

“A Gentleman’s Dignity,” a “romantic melo,” is being planned for a March 2012 broadcast. It’ll be a weekend SBS drama, and I wouldn’t worry that it’s a long-running series since weekends do occasionally air miniseries (as was the case for “Secret Garden”). Writer Kim recently met with Jang Dong Gun’s reps and has extended the offer, and his reps confirmed that he is considering the role.

Jang’s last foray into television was eleven whole years ago in the quintessential Hallyu-Cinderella romance “All About Eve” (with a very young Chae Rim and a scene-stealing, backstabbing Kim So Yeon). Rumors of his drama return have cropped up periodically over the years, but nothing has materialized, so I take this casting rumor with a grain of salt. But I can dream.