On April 23, whiskey brand Pernod Ricard Korea announced that it has selected actor Jang Dong Gun to represent it’s product Imperial‘s upcoming campaign “We Never Go Alone.” World-renowned soccer player Park Ji Sung was previously featured in the “We Never Go Alone” campaign in 2010. 

In the “We Never Go Alone” campaign, Jang Dong Gun will appear with his friends and colleagues who he has been working with for over a decade. An official from Pernod Ricard Korea commented, “Jang Dong Gun is known for his personality. Even though he is one of the best and most famous actors in Korea, he never treats anyone badly. He is always considerate and attentive to everyone. We thought his leadership and abilities to communicate with his colleagues and friends nonchalantly matches the brand image of Imperial and what we are trying to portray through ‘We Never Go Alone’ campaign.”  

Imperial’s “We Never Go Alone” campaign revealed its teaser poster on April 23. The official promotion of the campaign will begin on May 7 with TV commercials.