I can’t believe Jang Geun Suk is just 24. He’s already got 13 drama series to his name, nine films, about a half-dozen single albums, and a whole crapton of CFs. And I don’t even think he’s close to his peak yet.

Jang celebrated his birthday, August 4, with staff and cast from his movie “You’re My Pet,” which is currently filming. In it, he plays the titular “pet” to Kim Ha Neul’s sophisticated careerwoman; he’s a ballet dancer who is taken in by the professional with a horrible romantic track record and lives as her companion/friend/pet. Kim’s also in one of the shots below, holding out his cake to him while he makes a wish.

Jang recently concluded his 2011 Asia Tour with a finale concert in Seoul, held on August 7. The tour took him through six cities in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China.

“You’re My Pet” is due out later this year, after which we can hope Jang returns to dramaland with a new project. His last one was a miss (the crazy, ill-plotted “Mary Stayed Out All Night“), but discounting that, he’s had a pretty successful last five years with dramas like “You’re Beautiful,” “Beethoven Virus,” “Hong Gil Dong,” and “Hwang Jini.” Can’t wait to see what he picks next.

Via Newsen

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