Last month on March 5, the Korean National Tax Service awarded Jang Hyuk with the “Model Tax Payer” medal. That day was the 46th “Taxpayer’s Day.” (The actress Han Ji Min was also awarded the same “Model Tax Payer” medal.) Now he has been chosen as a good will ambassador for the Korean National Tax Service.

On April 23, Jang Hyuk will be appointed as a good-will ambassador during the “National Tax Service Good-Will Ambassador Appointment” ceremony. As the good-will ambassador for about two years, he will model for posters, appear in infomercials, work with campaigns, and also work as a tax return helper.

A representative of the National Tax Service stated, “Jang Hyuk is currently loved all over Asia. As a Hallyu star he has been a model taxpayer by paying all of his taxes diligently. We also thought that his diligent side and image as a sturdy head of the household fit in perfeclt with the image of the good-will ambassador. That is why we have decided to appoint Jang Hyuk as the good-will ambassador.”