Earlier today, Jang Jane made the heartbreaking confession that she is a victim of sexual assault and that the incident took place back when she was 18 years old.


And while fans were worried about the star, she quickly shared a follow-up update on both her Instagram feed and Instagram story.

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On her Instagram story, Jang Jane shared a message expressing her true feelings after making the confession to the public.

Wow, it’s pretty hard for me after actually telling everybody about it. My heart feels anxious, but I’m trying to calm down by looking at the comments you’ve been sending me. I’m just really thankful!

— Jang Jane

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Moreover, the multiple photos Jang Jane posted show her posing for selfies with a smile in a long trench coat and long hair.


The caption reads,

I’m in the process of wrapping up the rest of the stories for my album! I’m focusing on the proper use of paragraphs just like you told me. Hehe.

These photos show me and Korin saying hi after the recording. There’s a sliding door now, so no more escapes!

— Jang Jane

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Ahead of these posts, Jang Jane confessed to being a victim of sexual assault after an incident that led her to needing mental health treatment for anxiety, difficulty with breathing, seizures, insomnia, and more.

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This heartbreaking confession led to much worry among fans, so Jang Jane was quick to share an update reassuring that she’s doing just fine.

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Here’s hoping she continues to do well on her road to recovery!