Jang Ki Ha reveals what inspired him to write only love songs for his band’s new album.

On June 15, Kiha & the Faces held the showcase for their fourth studio album.

During the showcase, frontman Jang Ki Ha was asked if their decision to create a love-themed album was influenced by his relationship with IU.

He explained, “The lyrics are all fictional. Since all ten tracks [on the album] are about love, I would be lying if I said the lyrics are completely unrelated to my personal experiences. But instead of writing down my own feelings, I tried to capture the most basic and universal emotions of love.”

He also revealed why they chose to go with love songs, for the first time since their debut. “We used to think that love songs are cheesy, but now we felt ready to do love songs our way. That’s why we challenged ourselves and naturally included them in the album.”

Meanwhile, Kiha & the Faces’s new album is set to drop on June 16 at midnight KST. Check out the music video for their catchy pre-release track “The Smell’s Gone” here!

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