On the June 28 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Tei’s Dreaming Radio,” Jang Ki Ha and the Faces came as guests.

When asked, “What’s your favorite song by IU?” Jang Ki Ha answers, “My favorite song is ‘Glasses.’ I like both ‘Glasses’ and ‘Knee’ but I picked ‘Glasses’ because it’s less known and I want it to become more popular.”

Another question asks, “Is there a particular event that you did for IU that she liked, and how do you two date?”

Jang Ki Ha says, “There are a lot [of events]. It’s not events, really. It’s just how express my feelings towards her. IU’s filming a drama right now. I once went to the filming site to support her.”

He adds, “We don’t have time to date these days but we try to as much as we can. We’re doing well.”

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