MBC’s upcoming drama “Come and Hug Me” released stills of Jang Ki Yong as the center of the attention at the police university.

“Come and Hug Me” depicts the romance between Chae Do Jin, a police officer who’s the son of a psychopath murderer and Han Jae Yi, the daughter of one of the victims. The two were each other’s first loves as children. When they run into each other after growing up, they come to heal each other’s scars and face the world once again.

Jang Ki Yong plays the role of Chae Do Jin, who struggles to fight against the prejudices against him. The released stills show Chae Do Jin applying for the police university. Wearing his name tag and a suit, Chae Do Jin appears to be bright and energetic. His fingers wrapped in bandages are eye-catching as well as his little fingernail which is cutely painted.

Other pictures show how Chae Do Jin becomes the center of the attention after getting admitted to the university. As he walks by, people tilt their heads to stare at him and gossip.

According to the production staff of “Come and Hug Me,” Chae Do Jin led an unhappy childhood due to his father. Although he changed his name from Yoon Na Moo to Chae Do Jin, he is faced with obstacles every once in a while when he’s recognized as the son of a psychopath.

However, Chae Do Jin does not hesitate to reveal his identity and tries to live the ideal life of a policeman. Not only does his confident attitude silence the gossip around him, but it also helps him become even more determined to pursue the path he chooses. Being the complex character that he is, Jang Ki Young has reportedly been putting in great efforts to portray Chae Do Jin through a lot of discussion with the production staff.

The staff shared, “Chae Do Jin, a son of a psychopath, could also be a victim himself as the son of a perpetrator. We believe that his attitude in holding out against the prejudices and preconceptions about him in order to become a policeman and his fulfillment of the duties as a policeman will make people think.”

“Come And Hug Me” also released stills of Chae Do Jin and Han Jae Yi’s first meeting as young children. Before they had the names Chae Do Jin and Han Jae Yi, they were each called Yoon Na Moo (played by Nam Da Reum) and Gil Nak Won (Ryu Han Bi).

Nak Won first sees Na Moo as she passes by him in a car. At that moment, Na Moo is giving his young sister So Jin a piggyback ride. Nak Won sees him as the sweet big brother while Na Moo is also captivated by the pretty girl wearing a cute hairband.

Na Moo and Nak Won run into each other again at school. Nak Won instantly falls for Na Moo and does not hesitate to show her interest in him, sitting right by his side and staring at him intently. Na Moo, on the other hand, appears embarrassed by her boldness and doesn’t know what to do as he looks down.

The production staff shared, “The beautiful memory of the first love between Na Moo and Nak Won who fall in love at first sight will touch upon the memories of the viewers.”

“Come and Hug Me” premieres on May 16 at 10 p.m. KST. Check out the teaser here!

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