Jang Ki Yong’s character experiences a humiliation during an important moment in his life on “Come and Hug Me.”

On May 30, the MBC drama “Come and Hug Me” revealed stills of Jang Ki Yong’s character graduating from police academy. “Come and Hug Me” tells of the love story between a psychopath’s son, who becomes a police detective, and a young actress whose parents died at the psychopath’s hands.

Although Jang Ki Yong’s character, Chae Do Jin, was a model student at the police academy, he is pelted with eggs at his graduation photo as people hold up signs around him. The signs protest the fact that Chae Do Jin received an award at his ceremony despite the fact that he’s the son of a serial killer.

In the stills, Chae Do Jin doesn’t lift a finger to defend himself, staring impassively into the distance as people crowd around him and yell in his face. The production staff stated, “Please look forward to the broadcast to see how [Chae Do Jin] bears the weight of this burden on his shoulders.”

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