Jang Nara appeared on the most recent episode of KBS JOY “Lee Sora’s Second Propose” with Alex. They sang “It Was You” together in perfect harmony. “It Was You” is one of the songs from Jang Nara’s new album after 4 years of hiatus. On this episode, Alex promised that he would support Jang Nara with all his heart and will do the best in helping her.  

Jang Nara and Alex did not have any relationship previously. While preparing for her upcoming album, Jang Nara expressed interest in working with Alex for “It Was You,” as she needed a male singer to duet with. Alex accepted the offer immediately and they soon became friends. Jang Nara was very thankful and happy to be friends with Alex. He was more than a friend, he was someone who she can relate to musically. She expressed her gratitude to Alex with a very expensive bottle of wine. 

Jang Nara’s agency explained, “More than anything, Jang Nara is very happy and satisfied that she made a new friend who she can relate to and work with. Since the duet song ‘It Was You’ is getting a lot of positive feedback, we are going to try out best in presenting a duet stage together as long as their busy schedules work out.”