Singer Jang Nara confessed that she was addicted to an online game.

Jang Nara recently made an appearance on a SBS variety show “Strong Heart,” and said, “I was addicted to online Go-Stop.” She shared an episode related to the game addiction, drawing the eyes of many viewers who had an image of an innocent young school girl for Jang Na Ra.

She said, “When I find a new hobby, I tend to get hooked. So recently I got hooked to online Go-Stop,” and “Ultimately I spent about two weeks straight playing online Go-Stop with agency people.”

Soon she confessed, “I barely got out of online Go-Stop addiction, but unfortunately, my next hobby was playing video games,” and “I had to get a surgery because I played video games too much.”

Go-stop is a Korean card game, regarded as the Korean version of poker. In a lot of cases, money is involved in the betting process.

Jang Nara’s game addiction aftermath will be aired on April 17 along with Lee Jin Wook, Kim Ji Suk, Jung So Min, Jung Yong Hwa, Hyorin, Song Eun Ee, and Kim Shin Young’s episodes.