Trot singer Jang Yoon Jung is expecting her second child!

On May 16, Jang Yoon Jung’s agency IOK Company issued an official statement to announce the great news.

They wrote, “Jang Yoon Jung is currently four months pregnant. It has been four years since the birth of her first son Do Yeon Woo, so she and her husband Do Kyung Wan are joyfully looking forward to the birth of a new life that has come like a gift.”

Announcer Do Kyung Wan also took to Instagram to express his joy. He wrote, “Thank you so much. This isn’t even my wife’s first child and there have been many people announcing pregnancies these days, so we weren’t planning on announcing it to the public.

“But since she hosts a show everyday and her belly will be growing soon, we decided to deliver the news. We’re happy that so many people are congratulating us. We’ll make sure the child will look like the mom this time. Thank you again!”

Congratulations to Jang Yoon Jung and Do Kyung Wan!

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Top Photo Credit: Xsportsnews