On August 29, Japan’s weekly women’s magazine reported that Japanese secretary for foreign affairs Koichiro Gemba, also a big K-pop fan, threw away Kara CDs to appeal to ongoing Dokdo conflict between Korea and Japan. The magazine referred to an inside source at the Democratic party.

The source told, “Foreign affairs secretary Koichiro Gemba stated ‘President Lee Myung Bak‘s visit to Takeshima (Dokdo‘s Japanese name) is an unlawful occupation’ at the congress meeting. After the meeting, he came into the waiting area and let out a deep sigh. After the congress passed a bill to submit official complaint regarding president Lee’s recent visit to Takeshima, Gemba threw out all of his favorite Kara CDs.”

Koichiro Gemba’s love for Kara and K-pop is an old news in Japan. Previously in November 2011, he visited Korea and named all members of popular K-pop girl groups like Kara and Girls’ Generation without any difficulties during a meeting with his Korean counterpart.

The magazine also reported that Gemba had initially planned to and was eager to participate in Kara’s new album promotion in Japan in September. However, his had to table this plan all together after president Lee’s plans to visit Dokdo was announced.